What you can expect from FBC Nesbit after becoming a Family Member:
New Member Class
Our Discover Nesbit class meets about once a month.  It is the chance for anyone that is new to Nesbit, new to church, or just sorting through things.  There is no commitment to membership by attending this class.  It is an informal, relaxed chance for you and your family to get to know our church family, our beliefs, our hopes and expectations, and hopefully understand why our God, His scriptures, and our church family mean so much to us.
Sunday School
Whether you’re a new believer or a long term follower, you need friends, you need accountability, and you need fellowship around scripture.  This is what Sunday School is about.  It’s a more intimate group in which you can be honest, you can ask questions, and you can each learn more about the person and people in which God has created.  To not participate in a group like this is to really miss out on a special opportunity that God has established.  We have a fantastic selection of classes with awesome teachers.  Find more about them by clicking here. 
A Place to Serve
No matter the quality of our preaching, teaching, and opportunities to worship, you will not be entirely fulfilled until you take the opportunity to serve within a ministry.  Whether that’s washing dishes, rocking babies, or leading others in song, there are opportunities for you to communicate your love for Jesus through action.  Participating in these things draws you into worship- which is what following Christ is all about.
Check out our “Get Plugged-In” page.  Each of these ministries has the opportunity for you to participate as well as serve.  We would be glad to connect you to those.
Deacons are the elected and ordained men in our church that are here to serve you.  Each member of our church is assigned a deacon.  These men are there for you.  To pray for you, walk with you, advise you, and care in any way.  If you have a need, they are there.  At the time of membership you will get a letter and a phone call from your new deacon.
Church Communication
We want to make sure you can stay in touch and up to date!  We would love to make sure you are signed up for all of our forms of communication.  We send out weekly newsletters via email, immediate notices and updates via text message, and post fun things on social media as well.  Be sure to sign up below for each form of communication!