Nesbit has a bustling children’s department with a number of different opportunities for both school age children and preschool children.  Our Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights offer the opportunity for children to experience what it means to follow Christ through song, lessons, missions, and fellowship.
Our Youth Group is the opportunity for students 6th-12th grades to navigate through life together.  The Wednesday night programs and Sunday School classes both offer the chance for students to be themselves and be honest about the difficulties they face and the truth about the God that created them.
Our College and Career Group meets on Wednesday nights as well as on Sunday mornings for Sunday School.  This is one of our fastest growing groups.  It consists of our family members that are between high-school and a family of their own.  Whether they are students, soldiers, or in the workforce- this can be home for them.  
The Women of Nesbit specifically meet together on Wednesday nights. Donna Waddell and other leaders take our women through studies that are applicable to the life God has called you to live as a woman.  In addition to these studies our women get together often for ladies nights out and other fellowships!
The Nesbit Men meet each Wednesday night at 7:00.  This is our time to reflect on what our weeks have thrown at us, pray for each other, and focus on the God that we serve.  It’s a time to be filled back up and redirect our focus.  These studies are led by Bobby Waddell and other leaders.  In addition to this time together our men tend to get together for hunting trips, skeet shoots, and other manly outings.
The 9:15-10:15 hour serves as a primary “education” time.  This is when our Sunday School classes meet.  These are small groups that study through specific topics together.  Our adult classes are not segregated by ages, but allow for people to find the culture that fits them best.  We have both co-ed and gender specific classes.  Visitors are welcome to get a feel for each class before joining one.
Being elder does not mean they are not active.  The senior adults at FBC Nesbit are one of the most active parts of our family.  They are always on the go.  Whether its a “Keenagers” meeting, a Wednesday morning Bible Study, a trip to eat, or a trip to Branson- they are living life to the fullest and refuse to slow down.  Our strong group of seniors help lead our family with wisdom, canter, and teach us how to serve, love, and remain unified.  We are blessed to have a senior adult ministry that loves watching the church grow and loves investing in the lives of younger families.
The recreation ministry includes our soccer and men’s softball leagues.    They are an incredible opportunity to invite our community to have a little fun competition.  For more information on how you and your family can be a part of this ministry visit the Recreation page.  There are many opportunities to serve as well as play.  We hire referees each soccer season.  There are always opportunities to serve in our snack shack and as a coach! 
Our Sunday morning worship experience is a chance for our family to relax and relish in the understanding that God is in control and worthy of our praise.  The choir and musicians are used by the Lord to lead us in the opportunity to do that through song.  We also have musicals and choir specials occasionally to showcase the talent that God has blessed our family with.  Our Sunday morning music could be described as a piano-driven modern and casual musical approach to Christ-centered worship.  
We are blessed to serve within a family that loves others.  As Christ calls us to love Him and love our neighbor, we look forward to opportunities to serve our community, our nation, and our world.  Whether it’s local schools we have “adopted”, disaster relief efforts, short-term trips, or foreign lands and cultures- we believe that God commands us to seek righteousness and justice in places distant from our campus.